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Infant Program


The infant classroom is designed for children 6 weeks- 13 months of age. Our teacher to child ratio is 1:5. We believe that the beginning years of a child's life are essential to their development. In order to help infants develop accordingly, our lesson plans include activities that align with the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards. In the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards there are six domains: Physical Well- Being & Motor Development, Social- Emotional Development, Cognitive Development and General Knowledge, Approaches Towards Learning, and Language and Literacy Development. The teachers conduct informal daily observations on the children and use them to tailor their daily lesson planning. The classroom is divided into sections in order to accommodate the various development stages that infants go through. During a typical day, younger infants will be rotated to the various pieces of learning equipment in order to help them develop particular skills. The teachers will begin to do artwork with them, sing songs, read books, and take them for walks in our buggy. We will work with the child's family in order to develop a schedule that is customized to their needs. As your infant gets older and more mobile, they will be able to move to the other section of the room that allows them more space to move around, play with toys, dance, and read books.Older infants receive instruction on learning new words, making gestures, recognizing objects and colors, and basic care tasks such as, feeding themselves. The older infants also take walks and play on the playground. Our teachers ensure that your child receives individual and small group instruction.Infants are assessed formally several times a year in order to track your child's development. The teachers then use these results to incorporate activities into their lesson plans to help the infants further their development. Parents receive a detailed daily report on what their children did throughout the day. When your child is picked up, one of the teachers is available to discuss your child's day in further detail.