Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Pre- K,

Before and After Care, & Summer Camp


 Infants:                         $210 per week

                                     $50 per day


Toddlers:                       $205 per week

                                      $47 per day

Preschool & Pre- K:       $188 per week

                                     $43 per day

School Age

Before & After Care:      Before or After Care : $68 per week

                                      Before & After Care: $99 per week

School Age

Non- School Days

& Summer Camp:       $35 per day

                                   $140 per week

Discounts:                10% off of 2nd child's tuition

                                 15% off of 3rd child's tuition

* We also accept The Lakewood Scholarship & The County Assistance Program. Please see our enrollment forms section for more details on these programs.