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Toddler Program


 The Toddler program is designed for children 18 months- 3 years of age. We have two different classrooms available for this age range. The classroom pictured above is designed for children 13 months- 2  years of age. The second classroom, which is not pictured is designed for children 2-  3 years of age. Our teacher to child ratio in this classroom is 1:6. When lesson planning, the teachers use the Creative Curriculum objectives and the Early Learning Standards. This ensures that your child receives instruction in the various domains of their development. There are six domains in the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards: Physical Well Being & Motor Development, Social- Emotional Development, Cognitive Development & General Knowledge, Approaches Towards Learning, and Language and Literacy Development. Here at Kids Advancing Academy, we understand that toddlers are full of energy and curiosity; therefore, the teachers incorporate activities into their lesson plans that are tailored to your child's development. The teachers informally assess the children daily as well as formally assessing them several times a year using the Creative Curriculum Assessment and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. During a typical day, toddlers participate in activities that promote language development, social and emotional development, and gross and fine motor development. Toddlers also review their colors, shapes, numbers,letters, and Spanish words daily. The teachers provide your child with small group, large group, and individual instruction.Your child will have the opportunity to play in our large gym or our playground twice a day.Your child's teacher will also work with them on potty training. Upon picking your child up, you will receive a detailed daily report on what they did throughout the day. The teacher will also be available to talk with you about any questions or concerns in which you may have.